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How it Works?

Video surveillance requires a series of complex apparatuses to work effectively and hence, Avieon’s high – definition multi – megapixel systems utilise cutting edge hardware and software components to provide only the best for our clients.

Business Intelligence

Formulate educated and calculated corporate decisions based on real data and reports collected from our smart surveillance systems, improving training programs and monitoring employee behaviour – just to name a few.

Scalable Solutions

Our systems grow alongside your business, easily upgradable and scalable to suit every circumstance – regardless of its enormity or complexity.

Easily Integrated

Avieon surveillance systems are easily adaptable to existing infrastructure and previous surveillance systems, able to seamlessly become incorporated into the whole picture.

The AVIEON Group

Avieon Surveillance HD

Avieon systems are assembled using exceptional hardware and intricate software, tailored specifically to each client’s individual requirements. The selectivity enforced during the decision – making process has ensured Avieon systems are user – friendly and straightforward, allowing for an array of complex mechanisms to be disguised in simplicity. Whether this is your first experience in dealing with security systems or you have an extensive knowledge, Avieon specialists possess the flexibility to ensure you are fully informed and involved during the process. Not convinced? Contact Avieon staff for more information on how to harness the superior power of elite high definition security systems, designed to be only the best in business.

Avieon Guard HD

Avieon has developed a specialty video surveillance solutions tailored to monitoring construction sites, rural farms and remote areas prone to bush fires. This system acts as an around the clock, vigilant eye – roving to each corner of the facility and recording irregular activity.  The video stream can be viewed live 24/7/365, no internet or power required.

Avieon Freedom HD

Avieon’s new Freedom range introduces a vast array of new technologies to enhance the security of your business and put your mind at ease. Our superior automobile and logistics solutions promise to increase the efficiency of your business, boost productivity and make your firm more competitive. Live automobile GPS tracking and video surveillance are available 24/7 on your mobile, tablet or PC.

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